Don't be afraid to re-design your website and there is no rule as to why you should only have one website. If you have multiple products then potentially SEO Institute advisors in Melbourne and Sydney will recommend developing multiple websites for each product or service that your organisation offers.


The building or re-engineering of your brand to interact with your multiple product and service offerings in each location can be essential points of difference between you and your competition when building an online strategy that supports high organic search engine rankings (SEO) and high percentages of click through rates and the conversion of those to a lead or online sale. 


An SEO Institute design engineer in Melbourne or Sydney will work with your organisation to review your current website and to review your existing products and services to make a recommendation as to your website needs and will give consideration to one or a combination of the following design considerations:


  • Domain search for URL to support your product and service;

  • Domain strategy;

  • Mobile friendly;

  • SEO design structure;

  • Online transactions;

  • Conversion optimisation;

  • Copywriting.