Be aggressive and learn to compete against the competition

SEO Institute of Australia seeks to work with your small business in Melbourne and Sydney to design, implement and oversee an online marketing strategy that combines:


  • Branding (or rebranding of logo, stationery, newsletter templates)

  • Domain name registration (3 URL annually)

  • Website design and creation/recreate (1 website and 2 sub website annually)

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO techniques applied weekly to each site)

  • Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram)

  • Social Media Optimisation (SMO techniques applied weekly to each site)

  • Online advertising (Newsletter templates, banners, photos, Pay Per Click)

  • Broadcast marketing (Fax, Mail, SMS)

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (Copywriting, site analysis reports)

  • Coaching  and overseeing blogs, question and answer, social media, key word and identifying industry updates.


We will create a online marketing SEO company growth strategy that seeks to get your website ranking high on search engines allowing you to take from the competition market share for each product and service your small business offers.


The SEO for Small Business Pack is suitable for start up and established small business that employ 1-5 persons.


A long term investment

A short term spend will not build the foundation necessary for long-term SEO success. You need to be prepared to make a longer term investment. Our team have the ability to get fast results from online ads and email, sms, fax and mail promotions but it is the investment in building social media and websites that achieve SEO and SMO results that will deliver sustained long-term increase in sales.


Fixed monthly fee

The standard fee charged for the aforementioned services is $1,800.00 per month plus GST. We require that you commit to a 12 month campaign but our recommendation is that you commit to at least a 24 month campaign to achieve the best long term sustained results.


We understand this is a serious investment but we are about producing serious results and if your business is ready to grow then our proven techniques will see that you will grow.


What we don’t pay for

  • Pay per click advertising on Google, Yahoo!, Bing or Facebook (but we do create campaigns and manage  those campaigns for you to get optimum results);

  • Premium URL;

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) hosting;

  • Fax, Email, SMS, Newsletter Broadcasts (but we do create the templates and set you up as gateway users);

  • Print, Radio or TV advertising;

  • Online payment gateways (but we do set it up and integrate it into your website).


What you receive

  • An online marketing - business growth strategy plan

  • A logo, stationery, websites, social media sites, advertising template, banner template, databases, blog, marketing techniques, broadcast gateways and associated intellectual property (IP);

  • A monthly site report that inlcudes ranking statistics and conversion analysis with the view to ongoing improvement of increasing sales or leads as per the online marketing strategy.


What’s expected from you and your staff

We will require that you or another designated person/s  within your organisation:

  • To be trained in and then maintain online enquiries, blogs, social media uploads, web page unique content creation and content for Fax, Email, SMS and Newsletter Broadcasts;

  • Liaise with our SEO Institute studio technicians regarding your business products, services and industry updates;

  • An openness from the small business to allow the website to integrate and become part of your business practice;

  • Learn to plan for and think about business operations in terms of the online marketing strategy to enable the business to continue to achieve long term sustained SEO and SMO results.


Will this work for my business?

In short, yes. But you need to be able to afford it, commit to the journey AND be ready to handle the sales activity that comes your way. An E-commerce (online sales) website needs to handle increases in orders. Lead generation websites need to be able to process an increase in the number of new leads. But, growth in business does come with challenges and if you have read this far then you are ready to take the next step.